About the HBV Global Health Epidemic

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is one of the greatest health disparities facing the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community with over half of the 1.4 million known hepatitis B carriers in the U.S. being of API descent. Approximately 1/3 of San Jose's population is API, representing the 3rd largest API community in the nation, and over 60% of the patients seen at PFC are Asian and Pacific Islanders. Now, residents of the San Jose area have a resource where they can receive comprehensive care for HBV, including free screening, liver ultrasound exams, low-cost vaccinations, referrals, and antiviral treatment for those who are chronically infected with HBV.

Our Mission

1) To increase awareness of hepatitis B and improve the health of the underserved Asian and Pacific Islander population in East San Jose through education, prevention, and treatment.

2) To reduce barriers to health care through free testing, screening, ultrasound exams, referrals, low-cost vaccinations, antiviral medication assistance programs, and follow-up care.

3) To provide training to students and future health care professionals to provide culturally and linguistically competent medical care.

Our Services

Education, Awareness, and Empowerment
- We provide educational materials and counseling to help increase awareness, educate, and empower the underserved Asian and Pacific Islander population. Ultimately, we hope to unite the community against HBV, a disease that affects over 370 million people worldwide.
- We run a comprehensive hepatitis B training program to create a team of health care advocates with a deep understanding of the key issues and health concerns regarding hepatitis B.

Testing and Vaccination
- We provide free HBV testing and screening for patients. In our first year, we anticipate offering this service to patients.
- We provide a referral to a low-cost vaccination site at the Alameda Health Center and plan to implement free on-site HBV vaccines in the upcoming months.

Monitoring and Treatment
- For patients found to be chronically infected with HBV, we provide diligent follow-up and preventative care.
- We offer yearly liver ultrasound screening for monitoring of patients chonically infected with HBV to catch early signs of liver damage, liver cirrhosis, or liver cancer.
- We help patients gain access to necessary treatment through antiviral medication assistance programs.


The Hepatitis B Clinic was founded in February 2007 by two Stanford School of Medicine students: Elizabeth Chao, a doctoral student in biochemistry and Steven Lin, a first-year medical student. To address a major unmet health need at the Pacific Free Clinic (PFC), Elizabeth, a PFC Clinic Manager, and Steven, the Health Research Coordinator at the Asian Liver Center, formed a partnership to create the Hepatitis B Clinic as a newly integrated on-site clinical service offered at PFC. Awarded a 2007-8 U.S. Albert Schweitzer Fellowship to start the clinic, Elizabeth and Steven brought the clinic to realization in just a few months. On the fortuitous day of 07-07-07, with the generous support of the Pacific Free Clinic, Asian Liver Center, and Bay Area Schweitzer Program, the Hepatitis B Clinic was launched. Since then, inspired by the Hep B Free campaign that launched in April in San Francisco, Elizabeth and Steven have further expanded their efforts, recruiting an energetic, talented, and dedicated group of student volunteers to join them in the fight against HBV.

Thank you to everyone who has made this clinic possible!

Ultrasound Exam Course for Volunteers

Fall Quarter 2007: Wednesdays from 6pm - 8 pm (first class, Sept 27)
Location: ECHO Labs, Second Floor, above Ambulatory Care
Contact Elizabeth Chao (hepbfree.pfc@gmail.com) with questions or if you plan to attend.